DADS Ad Network

DADS Ad Platform is a decentralized advertising network which aims to change user habits of receiving ads and bring more valuable ads to advertisers, web3 projects, wallet users users through blockchain technology. DADS Ad Platform is effective advertising solution for web3 and metaverse, DApps.

By using RTB technology, connecting advertisers with users through web3 projects quickly. With the DADS token, the main use case is the bridge to increase the interaction of all participants.

Product & User-flow

A self-serving platform for advertisers

In case advertisers do not have an account, they click the "sign up" button to register an account with the system, the wallet address is a required information field. After registering with the system, advertisers can log in directly with their blockchain wallet. The system will automatically detect the blockchain when connecting to the wallet and mark as default for DADS payment. Advertisers can deposit and withdraw money from DADS ad platform, transactions with DADS token or stable coin between advertisers, publishers, users will be processed through DADS state channel. By choosing “create campaign”, advertisers can choose an objective so that the system can optimize the display properly with the chosen objective. Our objectives are currently brand awareness and website traffic, there will be more sales and engaging solutions in the near future. DADS allows advertisers to create marketing campaigns, sales campaigns, promotions for active users who see ads regularly (via targeting - mapping, potential customers) and additional performance metrics such as CPC, CPA, CPI in the upcoming updates. Regarding targeting, based on users' declaration of basic information fields such as country, age, gender, and advanced targeting, the system classifies and selects the most suitable audiences for advertisers. In terms of management, advertisers can manage their campaign via a single dashboard, view reports of basic metrics on impression, reach, click, CTR, CPM, CPV, cost, etc. Regarding ad type, there are display ads and video ads, optimized for PC & mobile. As for the account, advertisers can add more accounts for each separate blockchain used for payment, but they must choose 1 chain to default so that the system can process the payment through that chain.

For web3 projects, Ad tag & SDK

The system allows web3 projects to register the site, choose the ad type to display ads and see actual revenue. When registering, publishers are required to include their wallet address with an aim to claim their revenues. This address can be replaced based on publisher blockchain. Our direction for web3 projects is to accelerate the decentralized interaction with advertisers and users. For example, publishers can combine with advertising brands to create campaigns for users or create incentive programs for their users through the DADS Network.

For wallet users, Mypage & extension

After registering, users are required to choose some fields of information to increase the ability to deliver suitable ads to users. Users' data will be uploaded to the decentralized store to ensure the decentralization and user data privacy that current web2 platforms are lacking. In the dashboard, users are allowed to choose the type of their sharing data. In case users want to hide that data, they just need to select the off button to hide it. Some types of data that users can choose to share such as gender, location, age, occupation, interest categories, behavior on website, etc. The more detailed data that users share, the more incentives they get from DADS revenue let alone the instant-reward by DADS token. More importantly, 3rd parties are only granted access to data when users allow it. In addition, users can directly interact with advertisers and publishers through the D.ADS system

Wallet user platform

Users can use their wallet to register with the tool and use the wallet address as IDs to detect users. They can opt-in to fill their demographic, interests and other data which users have the right to choose to share for 3rd parties to use to run relevant ads. DADS puts these data on a decentralized storage and users/ ' data will be privacy.

Advertiser platform

When advertisers register with DADS Exchange, they use the wallets to deposit their budget to our state channel in order to run campaigns. On campaign, advertisers can choose their targeting based on users' permissions. In addition, advertisers can interact with users through interactive programs such as gifting products to active ad viewers, rewarding publishers for top highest ad placements. Users who receive rewards actively switch from "deactive to receive" to "active to see". As a result, advertiser images and messages are more easily recorded in users' heads, increasing the effectiveness of advertising.

Web3 project platform

Apart from receiving rewards for display ads like the web2 advertising market, web3 projects can also receive contributions from advertisers and users through wallets registered with DADS. Moreover, users can stay longer at publishers to be able to find more ads, thereby increasing "time on site" indicate.

DADS ad platform makes decentralized interaction between wallet users, web3 projects, and advertisers easier. The biggest improvement comes from users getting back the right to control their data, being rewarded with the data they grant permission for the use of 3rd parties.

In addition, DADS also develops a website specializing in providing effective advertising knowledge for web3 advertisers. This helps them gain more knowledge and skills as web3 evolves. This is one of our business tactics to gain more potential customers.

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